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My First Custard Pie: Key Lime Pie Results

Dommy! | Aug 30, 200504:31 PM

This Sunday I finally had a bit of time to make my key lime pie!

Those that helped me with my original post, saw that I was wondering if Mexican Limes were the same as Key Limes. I googled key limes and saw they were yellow and incredibly juicy… All the Mexican limes I’ve known are green and not so juicy. It turned out my family just doesn’t know how to buy ripe limes… LOL!

I went to the Mexican market and saw amongst the mountain of hard little green limes were squishy yellow ones! I got a bit under 3lbs, just in case (Which came out to 79 cents… I love the Mexican Supermarket!! :)) and happily discovered they were indeed the juicy rich tart key limes required. So juicy in fact, I still have over half the lime left over!!

As for the rest of the ingredients, The Trader Joes Graham Crackers were PERFECT (They come in a plastic tub, they aren’t the GO GO Grahams). In fact, they were just about the best graham crackers I’ve ever had! YUM!! Sadly, my Mexican Supermarket just carried La Lechera Condensed milk. :( But they totally saved the day by carrying Mexican Hand Juicers! I highly recommend these for anyone loving lemons and limes!


Putting it all together was also pretty easy, except for two things…

I assumed my home made crumbs were the same as store bought. So I put in the little more of a cup of my homemade crumbs and when I added the melted butter, the crust turned out slightly runny… I had to toss in a few more crackers to get a nice firm paste…

Second thing, I used two fresh free range brown eggs from the farmers market. These were a bit smaller than your conventional large egg, but I was nervous that adding three yolks would be too much. I beat the yolks until they got VERY custardy… but I would not describe the texture as, fluffy. I didn’t know egg yolks COULD get fluffy…

Nevertheless, the Pie came out WONDERFULLY! Even my MUCH more experience baker BF raved! YAY! :) Despite the smaller yolks, The custard did have a nice body, but was probably a little softer than I would like because I didn’t put it in the freezer before serving. (I was worried it would FREEZE solid). But I will definably do that next time! :) Also, I LOVED the addition of Brown Sugar to the crust. Although the crust was slightly harder than I would have liked, it had a WONDERFUL taste! :)

So thanks so much again everyone who offered advice! I’m going to use the rest of those yummy limes now to make key lime bars this weekend! YUMMM!!! :)


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