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best cuppa coffee

juli | Dec 27, 2004 02:40 AM

i'm just an ohioan visiting manhattan, but i had two great cups of coffee.

the 1st was what i call "restaurant coffee" - that evokes my childhood memories of coffee aroma & a sneaked or offered taste of the magic brew; that was a sarabeths on amsterdam betw. 80th/81st. they had the nice thick cups , not mugs, & it was "just too hot enough"

the second, for which i made a special trip based on a previous visit 2 years ago, was the cafe on lech at Cafe con Leche, conicidentally across the street from sarabeth's. it's just a little foamy throughout, but slightly stronger at the bottom of the cup; best in my opinion when rather highly sugared, compared to my usual sweetening habit.

i started this thread bc i didn't see a recent thread for coffee.

hounds, tell me more!

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