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ccl1111 | May 10, 2007 11:24 PM

Tried the new Cupcakes shop today in Hilton Village. Had the vanilla cake with the vanilla buttercream. Don't have a menu and haven't been able to find a website for them and I can't remember the exact details. Great cupcake. Rich but I didn't feel like I was going to die instantenously from artery hardening after it as I sometimes do with Tammie Coe's. Also finished the party animal (similar flavor with sprinkles & some other unidentified flavors) for a colleague who it was too sweet for and then I felt like I was going to die. Great cupcake too. Brought some home & tonight tried a vegan lemon cupcake which was quite good and a bite of a chocolate peanut butter one. Also very good. My sister had a chocolate one and she liked the cake part better than Tammie Coe's. That's pretty high praise in my book.

The place looks very similar to Lu Lu's cupcakes ( on Miller & McDowell and the style of cupcakes also appears very similar. They also have the same "no transfat" signage as Lu Lu's does. I actually asked if they were related or if the place was totally independent. I'd almost guess they were part of a franchise by the similarity. Nope.

They do have some quite interesting flavors as well. One in particular, "the cosmopolitan", sounded really interesting with I think a lime/coconut/vodka description but that was a Tuesday/Saturday flavor if I remember correctly. Really wish I had a menu or a website.

One thing that I found remarkable was that the cupcakes are $3.25 ea with quantity discounts (more than the typical $2.50 of Tammie Coe or Lu Lu's). While I sometimes OD on the amount of frosting on TC's Ooey Gooey and the coconut one, I have no idea what would justify the additional .$75 per cupcake. $2.50 already seems like a lot to me, though I can't help ordering a few every LGO visit. I know that the coming Sprinkles (Camelback & Scottsdale) also sells their cupcakes for $3.25 each so maybe that's where that came from.

I also have to mention that over the past couple weeks, we had some great Tammie Coe flavors that were new to us that we really loved. We had a vanilla cake with butterscotch frosting that was awesome (also had a bit thinner frosting layer which seemed to work perfectly). Then last weekend, we had a peanut butter & jelly cupcake that was also killer. Again a bit thinner frosting layer that worked perfectly.

While I've only had the basics at Lu Lu's (Blonde Bombshell - vanilla buttercream on vanilla cake and Tantrum Tamer - chocolate buttercream on vanilla cake), my preference would be...

#1: Tammie Coe's
#2: tie between Lu Lu's and Cupcakes.

I'm sure we will go back to Cupcakes on occasion but I will likely begrudge that $3.25 per cupcake each time. And I actually saw that Lu Lu's cupcakes are individually $2.95 or 4 for $10. Tammie Coe's seem like a bargain now! : )

Having seen a Food Network Bobby Flay Throwdown tonight on cupcakes against Autie Em's in SoCal, I'm really looking to try a red velvet cupcake which Sprinkle's has in their everyday lineup (

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