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Culver's, Eastside STP

green56 | Jul 19, 2010 07:41 AM

I love my Butterburgers. Love'um to death. They are ssssooo similiar to the Steak & Shake Steakburger I grew up on in MO/I'LL (the closest of which, I believe, is in Cedar Falls, IA)

So I eat often at this particular Culver's on the Eastside of St. Paul. And they can never get the order correct! I order the samething every time: 2 dbl Butterburgers w/cheese, extra cheese and extras on the side. Sometimes I get a Heath Concrete, but not always.

In a 3-week period w/ 4 visits, my order was correct only once.

My 2 'burgers were one, and the TALL Concrete was a SMALL. Backed up to the window and eventually the mgr straightend out my order and actually did not charge me extra for the correction. She did mention it is a very common mistake with tall vs. small and I asked her, once I cleared my head of "very common mistake" why the order is not repeated back with such easily confused descriptions or why they don't change their verbiage to the more oft used sm, med, lrg? No answer.

The request of xtra onions is not conveyed between the window people and cooks. I have learned to get more than two small single rings, one must order xtrea onions. In ,y last vivit, trying to make sure the order was correct, a double checked at the window, Now, they have onions and xtra onions?" And was given a diatribe from the teen at the window, "Lady, do you want xtra, xtra, xtra, xtra onions or what?" I was shocked. And low and behold I get home and there's only two small rings on each burger.

So much of Culver's is mental for me. So much of the taste goes missing when every time you visit you have to fight for a correct order. Much of the pleasure is lost with such a lack of caring for not only me, the customer, but for their product.

I will continue to eat there as I love my Culver's 'burgers. But I am going to have to find new ways to make sure my order is correct; maybe eat in vs. drive-through. I drop a lot of money there and I xpect my orders to be correct.

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