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cultured foods bad or good for you?


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cultured foods bad or good for you?

trolley | Jun 3, 2011 04:37 PM

slate recently ran an article titled "The WHO Says Cellphones—and Pickles—May Cause Cancer
Should I stop eating kosher dills?"

if you read the article it states that pickles are basically rotting foods and there's no benefit eating them. however, in the article it doesn't manage to distinguish between regular pickles with a vinegar base versus the cultured raw pickles that are popular with the Whole Foods/ farmer's market/raw foods crowd.

The what about yogurt? all along i kept thinking yogurt was good for you. after further internet searches i'm finding studies stating sour milk or yogurt isn't that great for you. really?

i'm so confused. all along i thought cultured foods were good for you. can anyone with more knowledge on this shed some light on this matter? thanks!

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