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What are the cuisines that you know little about but want to try?

Bkeats | Nov 24, 201412:42 PM     45

So to counter the negative energy created about the thread that asks what cuisines people dislike, I want to ask what are the cuisines that you don't know much about and want to try or learn more about or experience?

On another thread, a poster mentioned Malaysian food. I have almost no experience with it. The poster described the elements that go into it and I was intrigued. There was a Lucky Peach article I remembered that described some Malay dishes. The fusion of Southeast Asian, Indian, Chinese and Muslim influences fascinates me. Even though I live in NYC I don't know of many Malaysian restaurants. There was one time I went to a restaurant that was supposed to be food of Penang. I wish I could try more of it.

What cuisine do you want to try and why? Thinking positive energy. ;)

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