do cuisinarts ever die


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do cuisinarts ever die

eLizard | May 27, 2014 12:43 PM

i'd like a new one. bigger, stainless, with a wider feed tube, but my 7 cup old fashioned white base model is still going strong. after like 12 years. and although a bigger bowl and a wider feed tube would be nice......i really don't NEED one. especially when i have a perfectly good one that's showing zero signs of old age.

i could send it to our tiny place on the cape, where cookware and appliances go before they're put out to pasture. but space is precious, i love my blender, and i have never once thought "jeez, i wish i had a cuisinart."

not really sure what the point is. but seriously, what is the life span of a cuisinart?

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