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Cucumber Recipe to overcome cucumber-fobia

Mimi who Loves to Eat Everything but Can't | Nov 29, 2004 06:44 PM

Please help me overcome my hatred of cucumbers!

I just HATE cucumbers' taste and smell. I am at the point where I even don't eat lettuce in a salad once it's touched cucumber. Other things I won't be able to eat because of this - Raita or any yogurt sause with minced cucumber, relish, thousand island dressing. dill pickles, potato salad... I have to ask for non-cucumber in such items as California roll or greek salad (assuming that they are not already tossed with cucumbers).

Is there a way to cook or prepare cucumber, so that I can slowly but surely start taking a small dose of this and eventually overcome with my hatred towards cucumber?? Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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