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Csardas Hungarian Restaurant


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Csardas Hungarian Restaurant

Steve Viterali | Oct 9, 1999 04:24 PM

I stopped in Csardas for lunch today......this is one of New Brunswicks best kepted secrets. It's on the corner of Somerset and Plum streets in a low-key and easy to miss brick buiding. Most people don't realize this is a wonderful place to grab some lunch or dinner.
The atmosphere inside could pass for cheesy but it is not. It's just real old. This place hasn't changed in the last past 40 years(according to my friends father).
The service here is nothing to write home about and if you get the same waiter I always get(the owners teenage son)he'll forget to give you bread and really won't go out of his way to please,But that's part of the deal. You won't find burgers or pasta on this menu.....this is strictly Hungarian! Skip the noodle appetizer but grab the cucumber salad. For a main dish almost everthing on menu would be a good choice and comes with a potato or dumplings....if you pick the potato you should be spanked! Goulash or chicken paprikash with out galuska should be a crime! And for dessert try palacsinta, a thin pancake like crepe filled with apricot,prune or cheese. They also have chestnut puree topped with whipped cream......this is hard to find dessert and very delicious.
This was a very Hungarian neighborhood at one time with numerous restaurants and this is the sole survivor. This place won't be here forever! I and many Hungarians who know this place will miss it dearly if it were to close. There is no better place to get home style old fashion Hungarian food.

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