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Crowdfunding for Jon Rowley

Melanie Wong | Sep 23, 2017 07:37 PM

This week many of the most respected voices in the culinary world have been talking up the GoFundMe campaign for Seattle's Jon Rowley on social media.

I must confess that until now, I did not recognize his name nor know of his life's work. Rowley shined a light on the uniqueness of Copper River salmon, promoted Frog Hollow peaches, saved the Olympia oyster, and transformed oyster commerce to make a diversity of fresh, distinctive oysters on the half-shell commonplace. Having indulged in happy hour oysters three times last week myself, the difference he's made in my personal foodways was plain to see. Clearly I owe Rowley a great debt for shaping and improving the food world. And I am glad that I have this opportunity to repay some of that debt at a time that it can make a difference to him and his family.

In that spirit, I'm posting this here because I'm sure that some of you share that mind set and will want to contribute and send good wishes.

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"The Oyster Is His World" by R. W. Apple Jr

"Honoring Jon Rowley" by Jonathan Kauffman

"Will you mulch me?" by Molly O’Neill

Click here to support Jon Rowley Needs Our Help organized by Morgan McGinn

Dear Friends, Our friend, dad, uncle, mentor, co-conspirator, Oyster-evangelist and food pioneer, Jon Rowley, is up against some very difficult health...
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