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Crossiron and the cupcake(s.)


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Crossiron and the cupcake(s.)

crigg | Sep 9, 2009 10:33 AM

Okay workers I know you just put up that sign that says “Crossiron mills” But I think its time to change it to The Buttercream. We got to CIM at about 10:30 on Tuesday; we parked in the lot outside of the ‘Food’ entrance, where most of the people were parked. Walking in you get kind of a head rush from how high that ceiling is and how the signs are posted a little far up, making you tilt your head for the majority. There were only a few stragglers this early in the morning, mostly workers. CrossIron’s floor plan is fairly simple to navigate, a huge oval with a slice in the centre (where customer service is) so we started off clockwise. Let’s make this clear, this was just a trip to scout out what the mall had to offer-- and there was a lot to offer foodwise to a couple of foodies.

We started clockwise passing various unique seating arrangements and treading the shiny floors… first stop Murdawg clothing. I was thankful to stumble upon this unique shop offering metal and rock tees, belt buckles and some gothic fashions at reasonable prices. I didn’t really expect there to be something kind of unique that I would be interested in. But not that unique, I didn’t buy anything because I liked only a few of the artists, nice store though! Huge freaking la Senza and Bed Bath & Beyond, which I skipped then. First food place that showed after the second cup was Crepe Delicious and it sounded good but we wanted to explore first. We cornered by the South St. burger Co.- it’s a choose your sandwich add your own toppings type concept like subway. Supposedly it’s supposed to be good, coming from someone when had it said to them(from chow). I vow to try it sometime if just the fries, not a burger person.

My eyes were stuck on some random store and my friend said to my coffee-less drained mind “Theres a Buttercream Bakeshoppe in here,” And I answered “where?” turning towards him I focused, it was beside me! Lol. This place is kind of rumored to be ominously delicious by avid food reviewers. No, I’ve been to the farmers market but I haven’t tried these! There was banana bread in the end case but I saved myself for the cupcakes. The cupcake signage decreed the delicious symphonies of flavor. I was set to buy the mini cupcakes but the price turned out kind of expensive at about $17 for twelve. I settled on the Chocolate Peanut Butter (chocolate cake) and The Sunshine(tropical flavoured pineapple-y icing, white cake) We decided to save them for after our meals. I was rejuvenated by a surprisingly good Chocolate Almond Coffee, also from Buttercream Bakeshoppe. There were cookies being put out as we left but we’ll save them for the next visit.

The Godiva appeared at the scored halfway point and a Purdy’s could be seen nearby. Turns out I was a little disappointed! There were all of the regular chocolates but none of the truffles were out to see. Nice little store though, if you are a truffle person. There is an excellent H&M clothing store diagonal from it, much better than the Sunridge location, which will be a revisit, as well as a Springs Outlet. On the last stretch looping back to the foodcourt, there were sculptures of a campfire and then a rather interesting piece with random parts and I assumed rubbish encased in glass. And one of those scary stuffed monkeys (have trouble getting me now!) The scent of the Rocky mountain Chocolate Factory hit me that we saw on our way in; typical Rocky mountain fare, though the unique ice cream flavors were tempting as our stomachs rumbled.

The semicircular food court appeared to me as a vast entrance hall, more potent than the rest. We skimmed along the mostly common foods like KFC and Taco time, beloved Koryo was there. A few gems caught my eye “Grill it up” Had just about everything, and we almost settled on it because of excellent chicken bourbon. Koryo Korean BBQ had a line-up like I’d never seen at Sunridge peak lunch hour; though so far no one has bested Sunridges potatoes in crispiness. Villa medina had plenty of stuff I hadn’t tried and I was sold on a potato sample. I got the number six—Combo Shawarma Plate. Great value for the amount of all the food I got for the price; Potatoes, Rice, Pita, a salad and two kinds of shredded meat and two dips (hummus and a creamy ‘garlic paste’) for nine fifty. My friend got a typical combo at Chinese Wok, the special shrimp looked good broccoli and mixed veggies with plump shrimp and a sweet sauce. My container dwarfed his. In my meal the chicken had this horribly delicious savory flavor, but I’m very unschooled on Lebanese and Indian foods alike. I also got a very nice and crisp tabouli alongside a tangy sauerkraut like cabbage salad (there was also a unique spice in there.) I built a little pita with the hummus inside. Both sauces were deliciously addictive, especially if you love garlic! The beef was a bit dry and donair-like but still tasty. The tahini sauce they drizzled across the meat was also exceptional. Pretty good for fastfood fare!

It was sad to see Indigo had not opened but I’ll describe this mall experience as somewhat soothing compared to West Edmonton Mall, simple floor plan, nice bathrooms, and no constant up and downs of the escalators. I would, however not like to try a weekend there! Between ten-thirty and noon the food court had managed to almost completely fill-up. It will be interesting to see the Entertainment wing completed in the next year, but for now the foods good, the shopping’s good, and the fooding’s good. I’m rather pleased there’s no ordinary Zellers or anchor stores where you can buy groceries, pure entertainment goodness.

It was a satisfying trip and a golden moment a bit later on revealed the truth of Buttercream’s heralded deliciousness. Perfect cake to icing ratio, icing not too sweet or dense/fluffy and some nice touches with sugar sprinkled on the top. I don’t even like cakes- especially chocolate but I loved these. The pineapple-y Sunshine cupcake was my favorite, but the chocolate cake won over the white cake in flavor but the peanut butter was a bit mellow. Next time the mini cupcakes for sure and likely the sugar cookies… Mmm cupcake. Bon manger!

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