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Crossing the US / Canada border with food. [split from Quebec]


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Crossing the US / Canada border with food. [split from Quebec]

fedelst1 | Aug 16, 2008 06:33 AM

[Note: This thread was split from the Quebec board at: ].

Baked goods over the border is not an issue. I ship and carry dozens of bagels across with no issues. Items like fruits and veggies, unpasteurized cheeses, and meats are prohibited as they have a tenancy to be carriers for parasites and pathogens.

Heading Into Canada, the restrictions are not as severe, but Canada customs restricts importation of dairy products, and will limit the number of Turkeys (yes Turkey) being brought in. I believe their concerns are more about protecting industry, although they will always confiscate produce to reduce the introduction of insects and parasites....Meat is usually no problem, but be careful about pet foods as certain animal fats used in pet food are restricted.

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