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CRON diet: Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition

takadi | Apr 22, 200803:25 AM

This thread can be a general discussion about this intriguing diet which studies have proven to increase lifespan. Mice put on this diet were more active, energetic and lived 30 percent longer. Not sure where the exact link for the study is, but calories were reduced almost to near starvation.

Some people reduce calories to a little under 2000 a day (30 percent less than the average American) and eat foods dense in nutrients (lots and lots of vegetables and fruits). Some people dramatically reduce calorie intake and replace with supplements. In fact, I think I ran into an article a while back (which I conveniently cannot find) of a Chinese man who claims to have not eaten for a couple decades.

Barbara Walters had a great segment "Live to be 150" on ABC discussing this unusual lifestyle, you can find the clip here on this link:


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