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danna | Jun 10, 2002 02:50 PM

Pool party for apprx 30 - more men than women, a few children, athletic crowd age 25-45. Dinner at 6:30

Bratwurst on grill , fixings
Cold pre-made sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper:
Grilled chicken(sliced), basil, olives, feta
Proscuitto, roasted red peppers, goat cheese
Herbed cream ch. sprd,tomatos,red onion,sprouts
All sandwiches on ciabatta
Fresh berries (blue, black,rasp) fruit dip
Watermelon slices drizzled w/ mint/lime syrup
Corn salad(corn,scallions,red pepper) served in
individiual cups made from husks.
Asian slaw (napa cabbage,carrot,daikon,turnip, cilantro, etc. w/ sesame/chili/mayo dressing)
One more side dish ?- you suggest.

appetizers at 4:00 pre-party
Fresh salsa and chips
Puff pastry straws

Big Layer cake - to be determined
Brownies - chocolate iced and blond w/ pecans

Mini kegs of Warsteiner + other canned bear
Soft drinks
Bottled water

Need a few bottles of wine, historically the wine is only consumed by a few of the women, several of which tend to prefer "sweet" wine. Considering: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Semillion-chardonnay blend, Rioja, Beaujolais. Specific "picnic" wine suggestions appreciated, not too $$$$...last year I discovered a guest pouring Sprite in a nice White Burgandy.

Thanks for your help. I take criticism reasonable well , so let me know what you think!

P.S. for Martha Stewart types - i'm using unfinshed cotton duck for tableclothes, yellow plastic plates, and local sunflowers for table arrangements. Thoughts?

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