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Please critique my May 2019 Paris Food Itinerary

bigjppop | Apr 22, 201912:38 AM     2

First up, just want to say how much I REALLY appreciate the regular contributors here on the ins and outs of the Paris dining scene. I've used your recommendations on every trip and have always been impressed. I'm planning my next trip to Paris and will have a couple of vegetarian friends with me for a couple of meals and I'd love your opinions on what I've got so far. Also, I'm not a huge fish/seafood lover so I usually ask the restaurant to sub fish/seafood for soemthing else.

1 May - I've got an early arrival so will have the entire day (I live in Germany so no jetlag). I'm thinking about Fulgarences for lunch but don't want something too heavy because I've got a big dinner that evening at 2000. I'm doing a dinner with Eatwith.com which I don't see talked about much on this board. This will be the 5th time I've done one and always loved them. The concept started as a supper club with locals in a new city but I see more and more professional chefs doing it as a side gig (or leaving the restaurant world altogether). Anyway, I've done it all over the world and loved every one.

2 May - I'll be spending all day at Versailles but have an open dinner here.

3 May - No lunch plans yet, probably something relatively light, and David Toutaine this evening. I have my two veggie friends with me and the restaurant says they can accomodate no problem. Really looking forward to this one; seems to be widely praised.

4 May - We were looking at Le Cinq for our one 3-Star meal. My veggie friends will be with me here. I'm having lots of second thoughts. Several people have said "Meh, it's good, but expensive." They can do a veggie meal but I was told the current chef is from Brittany and a serious seafood lover. I'm NOT a fish/seafood lover so I fear this may be the wrong choice. I am looking at La Condesa and Accents (I've been to both before, loved them, and they said they can do a vegetarian menu) but also considering L'Arcane, L'Innocence, or Virtus on this day. I haven't checked with any of them on vegetarian options but I'm sure they can probably do it. Just wondering how well they do it. I don't want to short change my friends. We can do either lunch or dinner on this day. Basically looking for something special that my vegetarian friends will also love.

5 May - Just me again on this day. Considering Lazare since I've been told they have a great Sunday lunch and maybe the best roasted chicken around. I've got breakfast, lunch, and dinner open this day.

6 May - Last day and heading home this evening. I can do one more lunch on this day but Monday lunches are notoriously difficult to find in Paris.

A few other places that I'm wanting to squeeze in if I can:
Pierre Sang Gambay (I've been to the one on Oberkampf and really enjoyed it)
Le Cellier

Also looking for great wine bars that do great small plate food. I try and fit those in when I can. I've seen recommendations for these two on this board:
Le Mary Celeste

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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