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What does "crisp-tender" mean?

breed7 | Feb 8, 201310:27 PM     13

I was given a recipe for what I was told was FANTASTIC vegetarian chili. It looked good (made with sweet potatoes and black beans), so I decided to make it for dinner.

The first instruction confused me, though. The recipe called for the sweet potato to be cut into 1/2" cubes, and an onion to be finely chopped. These two ingredients were to be put into a dutch oven with a small amount of olive oil and cooked over medium-high heat until "crisp-tender."

I've never encountered cooking instructions that call for vegetables to be cooked to "crisp-tender." I was unsure what that even meant. I know about sweating onions, about sauteing onions until translucent, about sauteing onions until they take on color, but I don't know what "crisp-tender" is.

Can anyone explain this? Is this a proper cooking instruction?

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