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Crinkle Cut Fries


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Crinkle Cut Fries

free sample addict aka Tracy L | Feb 10, 2007 11:41 PM

For about a year I have been drooling over the crinkle cut fries in the picture of a cheese burger and fries at the Hawaiin barbecue place in my neighborhood. Thinking these fries looked too good to be true I avoided temptation and never ordered them. I asked myself would they be like the crispy crinkle cut fries of my youth or would they be soggy limp fries of my adulthood? Yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and ordered them. They were everything I hoped for and then some. Eating the crinkle cut fries was like renewing a friendship with a long lost good friend. The experience led me to wonder how many other people like crinkle cut fries. Are they a relic of the past limited to only a few places that serve them or are there places in the world that crinkle cut fries are abundantly available?

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