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Is the Crime Dog a Chowhound?


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Is the Crime Dog a Chowhound?

e.d. | Jul 30, 2001 11:22 AM

During Sunday evening's ESPN baseball game of the week they were interviewing Cubs First Baseman Fred McGriff (dubbed the "Crimedog" by the media) who had just arrived in Chicago in a trade a couple days previous. He was discussing why he had consented to the trade, and after listing several of the usual baseball type reasons, he added "and my favorite Japanese restaurant is in Chicago, Ron of Japan's." Over the years I have heard more than the usual amount of typical sports blather, but I don't think I've ever before heard a sports figure justify his change of franchises on the basis of a restaurant preference. Could Mr. McGriff be a real chowhound? What's more, Joe Morgan and John Miller, the ESPN commentators, both said something like "oh yeh, that's a great place. We eat there all the time." And that reminded me that those commentators had been discussing sushi--maguro and hamachi etc.--a week or two before. Somehow I can't picture Dizzy Dean ever eating raw fish. What is this country coming to? Has America's attitude toward food changed this much? Oh and you Chicago hounds, do you know the place they were talking about? Is it any good?

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