Crepe pan - answer to my omelette making needs?

nanobabes | Nov 11, 201310:08 AM     27

So I've been searching for a pan that meets my omelette making needs, as I love breakfast and making omelettes. Now I make my omelettes a certain way that I've decided is my favorite way to make and eat omelettes, and it requires a pan that is non-stick, light weight, and safe to use under the broiler.

I had been using teflon non-stick pans in the past, but realized that it's probably not wise to stick them under the broiler and would prefer to avoid teflon in general now. Other non teflon options have handles that aren't safe for high heat as well. A roommate of mine had a Calphalon anodized aluminum pan, but I wasn't impressed with its nonstick abilities, especially over time. Now I love my cast iron pans for non-stick needs, but they're too heavy to maneuver and the rim doesn't have that gradual slope. I stumbled upon crepe pans, and I think they might be perfect for my needs - non-stick, not teflon, light-weight, and oven safe. Is there anything I need to know about these pans, do they really fit my omelette making needs?

I'm mostly torn between the De Buyer blue steel crepe pan and the Paderno crepe pan. I'm considering the Lodge cast iron round griddle as it seems like I can get multiple uses out of it, though it might be too heavy.

Lodge round griddle:

Feedback on how these pans perform would be greatly appreciated. Please no advice on omelette making methods - I realize I'm not making a classic French omelette, and you may have methods you think work better, but this is the method that most meets my preferences =).

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