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Creme Brulee - To Torch or not to torch that is the ?


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Creme Brulee - To Torch or not to torch that is the ?

Brian White | May 13, 2004 06:04 PM

I am having a guest for dinner and there has been a request for Creme Brulee. I have found the recipe I want, but as I researched there seems to be a split on serving temp and caramelization technique. After the custard is cooked and cooled. Before serving do I:

Cover with brown sugar, and heat in oven in bath pan 1/2 full of water until sugar caramelizes


Use the Blow Torch technique.

I have all methods at my disposal. The question is does putting it in the oven over heat the custard? shouldn't it be cool when eating?

I have tasted propane when having this dish while eating out. How do I avoid the fuel taste on the sugar? Do I torch the whole exterior of the custard cup to warm the custard slightly?

Wisdom anybody?

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