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Credit Card that pays 5% back on groceries?


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Credit Card that pays 5% back on groceries?

danna | Mar 2, 2006 08:12 AM

My co-worker just showed me her first bill on a new Citi credit card that pays 5% back on purchases from "supermarkets". (drug stores and filling stations too, but I think you know what piqued my interest)

Has anyone had experience with this card, or any similar? Mastercard must have some additional discount deal w/ the merchants, because merchant fees are normally no more than 4% (considerably lower for large businesses) so I'm not sure where the kick-back comes from.

I'm wondering if there's a catch. Most of my $$$$ go to regional organic gro stos like Earth Fare and Greenlife, and next month, our very own Whole Foods will open to challenge me financially. I fear these may not meet the "supermarket" definition. Oh, and there is a $300/year max. So if this works, I intend to divert my first $6000 in food expense away from earning those valuable USAir miles *snort*.

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