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Creating a "Recipe Binder": How to Organize?

FluffyKiwiFruit08 | Dec 5, 2016 04:58 PM

Not sure if this is the right section for this question, but I have a bunch of cookbooks I only use a couple recipes from as well as random recipes saved on my computer or generally all over. It is really inefficient and wastes time. Wanting to organize them all in a binder so I can find everything more easily. Kind of confused on the best way to lay that out or how to order the categories. We're vegan and the store bought vegan foods are expensive and not very healthy, so I make my own meat/dairy substitutions, sauces, dressings etc..., many of which are used in multiple recipes. Also do a fair bit of canning and baking mixes in jars. I typically make them in big batches then refrigerate/freeze/can for convenience/to always have on hand. Would it make more sense to have those recipes (for substitutions and sauces etc...) in the front of the binder followed by breakfast, lunch, dinner etc... recipes that use them in the back of the book or the main dish recipes up front with the other recipes in the back?

Edit: Categories I came up with are: breakfast, sauces & condiments, side dishes, main dishes, desserts, breads & baked goods, seasonal, substitutions, canning, household (I also make our own soaps, cleaning products and things like that which aren't food but are a recipe).

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