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Re-creating clarification needed!

Porkypig93 | Apr 2, 201706:15 AM

I've been trying to look up my answer for a while and have found some sources contradict others. My feeling is that the answer will be it's totally ok to do this but I'd rather ask the question here and get an answer to my specific situation. So:

If I take frozen veg, frozen chicken, and rice. Cook/grill the chicken (after defrosting), microwave the veg (from frozen) and boil the rice. Then distribute these ingredients into 4/5 plastic tubs. Then freeze these tubs again. Am I still ok to defrost these (overnight) over a week one day at a time and microwave the tubs again before eating?

From what I've read I think it's ok? But I'd like clarification here as I'm fairly new to cooking and am wanting to start doing food prep for a weight loss effort I'm just starting. Thanks in advance.

Edit: title was meant to be re-heating... Silly phone.

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