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Creamy Risotto


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Creamy Risotto

marcharry | Nov 2, 2009 05:31 PM

Risotto is a dish that escapes me. Its something that i cant seem to even approximate restaurant-quality at home. I have a deep suspicion that the Chef's are plowing in way more butter or cream or something to get that creamy texture.

I have decent recipe's from Marcella Hazan, Biba , Jamie Oliver et. al.

I admit, I am using packaged broth and an average quality arborio rice (not canaroli etc etc). I cannot cook it in 18 minutes, its more like 22 mins. Even with lots of aggressive pushing and rolling there is no big "releasing" of starch. I will stir in a decent amount of butter and some Reggiano to finish.

So tell me - what is the REAL secret to getting creamy risotto?

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