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Crazy for OKRA...need ideas!


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Crazy for OKRA...need ideas!

Carb Lover | Jul 7, 2005 02:16 AM

The Asian produce stand at my farmer's market has been selling some great-tasting okra the past few weeks. Now I realize that all the okra I've bought in the past from supermarkets was hideously sub-par...further reinforcing my belief that produce outside of the farmer's market is evil.

Anyhow, I grilled some the other night and tonight, for a special pre-dinner treat, I coated the rest and shallow-fried them in my cast iron skillet. The result is pictured below. I basically coated the whole okra in buttermilk and then dredged in a mixture of one part AP flour and one part cornmeal seasoned w/ some salt and cayenne pepper. Fried til crispy and golden brown. Finished w/ a touch more salt and served w/ lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce. These buggers were mighty tasty! Super crispy w/ a coarse texture on the outside...tender w/ that sensuous slime on the inside.

I'm planning on buying these for as long as I can get them so need to compile some good (and healthy) ideas. I've used okra in making gumbo but that's about it. Any ideas/recipes from any cuisine (I love some of the Indian preps w/ okra) would be much appreciated. THANKS!

Image: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y45/...

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