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What are the crazy things you do for a food craving?

alkapal | Jan 19, 201012:25 PM

Craving pizza the other day, I tried to eat "the point" off a floppy slice of takeout pizza as I was driving on a nearly-deserted neighborhood street. The whole slice had to be rolled up on itself into a gooey, pepperoni-sausage-laden mass. Finally, after two drippy bites, I realized that I was behaving foolishly, and pulled over to eat it.

I confess to having parked myself beside a ginormous tower of shrimp cocktail at a wedding reception.

I've bought a case of Trader Joe's white chocolate peppermint bark bars when I thought they might run out.

I'll stand and eat super hot bacon straight out of the microwave, like an idiot!

I'll load up an already spicy pad kee mao with additional pickled chilles-in-vinegar.


What is (or has been) your crazy, silly, or even dangerous behavior when it comes to satisfying that *craving*?

It might involve traveling long distances or to dicey neighborhoods,
buying "verboten" ingredients or eating that fugu fish,
smuggling in through customs some foreign meat or cheese,
continuing to date someone only because they have access to free unlimited raw oysters at your favorite watering hole (hey, I'm stretching my imagination, here)
.... or..... whatever....

All confessions will be held in the strictest confidence.

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