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anyone else crazy for cast iron?

thatchairlady | Nov 5, 200911:12 AM

Bought 3 totally gross cast iron skillets at a yard sale. Bought them cuz they were a "name" brand. May be heresy, but I used oven cleaner to get rid of someone elses, unknown schmutz. Once cleaned up and reseasoned, some of my favorite cookware. IMO, a nice black skillet is easier for over-easy eggs than chasing them around super slick non-stick.

Have been told, once you have 3 of something, you have a collection... mine has grown! When I got to 2 of several sizes, started giving it to people I knew would appreciate it. KNEW SIL and niece would NOT, so didn't even bother. Gave a nice big Lodge/Griswold skillet to sister and was so happy to see it sitting out on her stove top.

Have a pretty full collection now... ALL either yard sale or thrift store finds. Guess some people don't like the weight and THINK it's hard to maintain. Last acquisition was one of those corn bread pans... just cuz I didn't have one. Most unusual could be a SMALL square/diamond shaped Lodge skillet. On bottom it says specifically for eggs?? Perfect for an egg sandwich. Found a LeCrueset enamel (exterior) grill pan, in PERFECT condition, at a thrift store for $5! A 2 burner L grill/griddle that I admit I've only used 2-3 times.

Strange use for less than great CI skillets. Squirrels KILLED gas line on grill last summer. When replacement parts were HALF what I paid for grill (not high end at all), made my "red-neck" grill. Took out all the gas guts and used no-name skillets to hold coals.

Any other Cast Iron Crazies out there?

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