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CRAFT 3 Stars???? [moved from Los Angeles board]


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CRAFT 3 Stars???? [moved from Los Angeles board]

russkar | Oct 10, 2007 01:18 AM

Craft just received 3 stars from our local LA paper. Have to say our experience was far below 2 stars in fact after experiencing most of the new local Century City Craft menu (with TC in the Kitchen) we were semi disappointed and saw nothing close to our NYC experiences at TC's other Restaurants.
Our first stop in NYC is normally Gramercy Tavern before we hit the town hard.
Does this mean Providence should be 9 stars? Bastide 8 stars. French Laundry 10 stars. There I feel better now!
Craft will have to preform an exorcism before we set foot in there again, very average basic food.
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