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When do I crack open my Durian?


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When do I crack open my Durian?

danbob | Dec 8, 2010 05:08 PM

I realize from searching that durian has been discussed extensively on Chow, but I can't find the answer to my question. Any help is appreciated!

I had durian many years ago at a friends house, and I thought it was heavenly. Superb. Unforgettable. Awesome.

Then yesterday I was in Denver, and located an awesome Asian market, even bought my groceries for a month there (this year's holiday menu will be REALLY interesting!).

And I bought a fresh durian, "flying horse' brand in a yellow plastic mesh bag with a green tag. I tried all the usual internet tips for selecting, like shaking it (no sound or rattle that I could hear), and smelling it near the stem. Smells like strawberries and bananas, very pleasant. They were not refrigerated in the bin.

It now sits there evilly on my countertop, injuring friends who try to pick it up. It glares at me. My cats are terrified of it. The aroma has increased a bit in 24 hours, but is still very pleasant.

My question is, when do I crack this bad boy open? How long do I wait? How can I tell when it's ready? Do durians even ripen sitting on the counter? I'd hate to open it to early and miss out on the wonderful taste and texture.

Any help appreciated.


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