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Crab Rangoon- a regional thing?


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Crab Rangoon- a regional thing?

Chris VR | Feb 10, 2003 10:21 AM

I'm originally from NY but transplanted to MA. I'd never heard of crab rangoon until I came here. These are fried wontons with a filling of cream cheese and crab (usually imitation crab). Recently I was back in NY with a friend from MA who has lived in a number of different places. She wanted to order crab rangoon at a midtown Chinese restaurant and was suprised when it wasn't on the menu. I said that was because crab rangoon was a Massachusetts thing and she laughed and said no, it was a non-New York thing and that it was funny how people from NY assume if something isn't found there that it's a regional thing.

So what is it, hounds? Is crab rangoon found everywhere BUT NY?

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