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crab cakes

kseiverd | Jun 18, 201208:17 PM

I LOVE crab but rarely order it when eating out. I wanna be 99.9999% sure there will be NO pieces of shell or cartlidge in the mix. ONE unwanted crunch and I'm done... and it always seems to happen on bite 2 or 3!!

My Grandmother made some pretty awesome crab cakes. I pretty much make them the same way with a few variations. Hers were high on crab and low on "cake". Crab meat, minced onions/celery/bell pepper, an egg, and "enough" bread crumbs and mayo. Don't remember if she used something like Old Bay and KNOW she never had hot sauce around... I use these in mine.

She'd chill, form into balls, run thru beaten egg and then into seasoned bread crumbs. BTW, she NEVER bought bread crumbs... always had a big bowl of crusts and stuff that was going stale just drying out. She used an "old-fashioned" cast iron meat grinder to get her crumbs... I use food processor. She'd smoosh them a bit and shallow fry iin a big old cast iron skillet in bacon grease. I like them with "pink" cocktail sauce... enough horseradish in ketchup that it's no longer red. Her cocktail sauce was a little tame for me (now) but she never had tartar sauce with her cakes.

My late-mil lived in Crisfield, MD... BIG area for crabs. She came up to PA/NJ for a visit one time with a gift for me and my Dad. She was not a huge crab fan (not a very good cook... sorry) but saw sign at one of the crab places saying they had a sale. Brought me TWO 1 lb containers of the GOOD stuff... at $5 a lb!!! Told her... NEXT time she saw that sign... CALL ME!! Woulda been well worth the 3+ hour drive... with a BIG cooler!

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