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Cozy Chow Treats on a Cool Day


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Cozy Chow Treats on a Cool Day

peppermint pate | Dec 18, 2008 04:50 PM

With a snowstorm in the offing, I thought I'd start this book-end post to my summer thread about cool chow treats on a hot day.

Lots of things come to mind - a great bowl of Pho from Pho Pasteur, a bowl of beef borscht from Prague Deli, a latte from Dark Horse, etc.

But the one that's freshest on my mind is the hot chocolate I tried today from MoRoCo, the new cafe in Yorkville. This place has an old world luxe that seems decidedly out of place in these tough recessionary days - I mean a $10 cup of melted Valrhona chocolate, a $24 glass of Veuve? But then I thought, maybe it is a well-timed venture - with so many starting to really reign in the big expenses, maybe a little splurge like this is just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, enough social commentary. Let's talk chocolate. They have 3 kinds of hot chocolate - dark Valrhona, milk chocolate chai and white chocolate orange. I can't speak for the other 2 as we shared a pot of the dark chocolate. What arrived was a little pitcher of gorgeous liquid chocolate (like Soma's shots), 2 adorable cups on funky plates with silver spoons, little fluted glasses filled with freshly whipped cream and one truffle apiece (our choice). You take the first sip and think - OMG, this is rich. How am I going to drink this? But then the little child came out in both of us - soon we were creating chocolate, whipped cream parfaits in our cup, then we tried a bit more chocolate stirred through with some whipped cream. We would dip the spoonful of chocolate into the whipped cream glass and then vice versa. It was decidedly Benjamin Buttonesque - totally child-like and yet completely, elegantly grown-up..

They have a menu of lightish eats - some sandwiches, salads, goat cheese souffle, etc. We tried a few things - all overpriced and all good, nothing standout. They even show smores on the menu which sounds like they bring a little stove to your table and let you create the smores yourself - how fun would that be with a glass of champagne?

This would be a great spot for anyone but especially for ladies that lunch, for girlfriends hanging out, for couples taking a little romantic shopping break, for entertaining someone from out of town. I can't think of another place like it in the city. And the bathrooms - stunning (I think the owner is a designer) - pedastel vanities, bejewelled mirrors - where the third floor Holt's Cafe is striking in a white, bright, modern and spare way, this place is at the other end of the spectrum - dark, opulent, elegant and very old world in its feel. This is a great place to stop in over the holidays to warm up on a snowy, winter day.

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