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The Counter at Miracle Mile... I wanted to love you.

Mr Taster | Dec 13, 201001:58 PM

Anticipating big lines for the first day of the lunch rush business, I faxed in my order 30 minutes early.

I checked all the boxes...

1/3 lb burger
Horseradish cheddar
Sauteed onions
Dill pickles
Lettuce mix
Honey mustard

Wrote in the comments area that I would be in to pick up the burger at 12:05.

I called to verify my fax had arrived (which the form indicates I should do). A woman answered the phone. I asked if they had received my fax.

She said, "Let me check for you. Is there a number we can contact you?"
I said, "it's on the fax."
"OK, thank you." Click.


OK, well I arrived right on time. They went back into the kitchen to get my order. A dude came out, apologized that they had not even begun my order, because I had not indicated how I wanted my burger cooked. I apologized, "I guess I missed the checkbox for that." He replied, "oh, there is no checkbox." Oh, okay... well then why didn't you call me at the number I indicated on the fax? Well, it's fine. They're starting my order now. He threw in a free thing of fries to make up for the wait... that was really nice.

The burger arrives. We walk 5 minutes to eat it in the park.

Here's the results.

Fries... the really skinny kind. Rubbery and chewy, as if they had been sitting around.

Burger... oversized. Could be good, could be bad. I picked up the bun.... the bottom bun was completely soaked through. Wet. Disintegrated in my hands. Had to eat with knife and fork. I have a feeling they didn't properly dry the lettuce which sat directly on top of the bottom bun. Looks as if they buttered and toasted the top bun. Not sure if they did the same for the bottom. If they did, it wasn't enough. Would have needed industrial toasting to withstand that dousing.

The horseradish cheddar was wet and loose. Appeared as if it were a processed cheese product. No significant kick of either cheddar nor horseradish.

The meat was appropriately pink on the inside, but somehow remained intensely dry. Nibbly and crumbly meaty bits in my mouth, like soft fleshy pebbles.

The Counter, I'll give you another shot, but I came away horribly disappointed. With all the Umami and Golden State burgers in such close proximity, you've gotta bring your A-game. (Although... not necessarily, considering how long Koo Koo Roo lasted in that same space...)

Mr Taster

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