Cote du Rhone - available in Texas - wedding?


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Cote du Rhone - available in Texas - wedding?

mc22 | Jul 15, 2013 10:40 AM

We are having a wedding, like many posters, but I have a very specific question so hopefully someone can help me out. It is a buffet serving a number of foods so I am not so interested in pairings. Instead, I thought we should just serve the wine we like (that has wide appeal). My fiancee and I have gone wine tasting together in a number of regions over the years, but the region surrounding Avignon has definitely been our favorite.

For the wedding, I don't even think we need Rhone wines necessarily, but I do think Rhone style would be great. It's an October wedding so I think it will fit the time of year well. Does anyone have any suggestions for bottles that we could get in TX? I think the $12-$15 range is probably what we are looking at, though our budget is flexible.

Recs for white and sparkling also appreciated :) For white, I think we'll go sauvignon blanc (maaaybe pinot grigio?). For sparkling, I only care that it is not too sweet! So many weddings recently have had sweet champagnes - I think to stand up to the cake, but I prefer my champagne to stand alone!

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