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Costco Beef Semi-Discovery


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Costco Beef Semi-Discovery

Coachboy | Oct 14, 2003 06:15 PM

Most of us who shop at Costco realize how good the meat is, especially for the price.

However, often when I'm buying steaks (either Rib-Eye or NY) I'm frustrated at the thickness (or lack thereof) and/or the uneveness - there is always one sub-par steak in a three pack.

So I took my Dad there this weekend, and as he was paying, came up with a novel idea. Buy a boneless ribroast and slice it into three steaks, each about 2" thick.

Not only were the steaks thicker, but they all had that perfect eye:collar ratio. Hands down the best steaks yet from Costco.

Yes, it costs a little more as you're buying more meat.

No more individual steaks for me!


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