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The Cost of Cream Circa February 2012

Seth Chadwick | Feb 5, 201210:42 PM

For Christmas, I treated myself to a nice Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. I also bought a couple of high recommended ice cream recipe books and thought I would make some homemade ice cream as a treat after some important football game that was being played to day.

So, I went to my local market and just about had a heart attack when I saw that heavy cream was $6.99 a quart! Seven bucks for a quart of cream. So, I ventured over to a couple of other markets and the prices were not much better.

I really was dumbfounded since I bought a quart of cream during the holidays for a wonderful rice pudding I make and it was about $3.50 for the quart.

Meanwhile, every store is all but giving whole, 2% and skim milk away. A week ago, our local Safeway had a gallon of milk for $1.49 if you bought two, but a single half gallon was $1.59. Today, I could get a gallon of milk just about anywhere in Phoenix metro for under $2.50.

While I completely understand that cream and milk are not the same thing and the processing and distribution are different, I am bowled over by the near doubling of the cost of cream in less than two months and the near bargain basement prices for milk.

Is anyone else seeing the same thing in their neck of the woods? Did I miss some story about the great heavy cream shortage of 2012?

Sadly, I am shelving the ice cream maker and the books until cream is a bit more affordable, which I hope will be soon.

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