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Correction: Haagen-Dazs is not being discontinued in Canada


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Correction: Haagen-Dazs is not being discontinued in Canada

kitchensalive | Sep 10, 2009 09:21 AM

(Note: The title of this post has been edited. Please see corrections further down the thread for more information. -- The Chowhound Team)

3 tubs for $10 at Loblaws.

Here's the response from Nestle:

"Thank you for contacting us recently about Häagen-Dazs. We value your feedback and appreciate the time you took to share your comments with us.

We are sorry to inform you that Häagen-Dazs is no longer available. Due to sales volume of this product, we made the decision to discontinue manufacturing it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and will forward your comments to our Marketing department.

We appreciate your loyalty to our products and encourage you to try another product from Nestlé's family of fine foods."

So sad. I am going to go drown my sorrows in a tub of caramel cone explosion now.



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