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Corpus Christi report

bishopsbitter | Sep 7, 2005 07:55 AM

Short trip to C.C. Labor Day Weekend. The food was quite nice there and the city itself felt more small-town than the sprawling likes of Austin or San Antonio. Very relaxed pace. At least on holiday weekend.

Lunch at Pier 99 by the USS Lexington. This could easily have been a tourist rip-off type place but it was not so. The service was excellent making a big difference; and the food was well-priced and hearty portions of seafood. Their seafood gumbo was a curious thing: a sort of Mulligan's Stew of leftovers but not entirely without charm. Certainly nothing like "Cajun" gumbo. We had a pound of peel-and-eat shrimp. Very good.

Dinner at the "City Diner": somewhat marred by the constant 60's music which is cute for a while and then rather intrusive. Also we had some particularly retarded dining partners. Just an aside: we're just back from Guanajuato Mexico. There we noticed that families ate together and that the procedure was that the adults talked and the kids (of all ages baby-preteen) SHUT UP! The adults did not see it as their job to keep the kids entertained and to roister them all up by focusing everything on them; in fact the kids entertained themselves quite happily by watching and listening to the adults talk. The contrast of American parents effectively talking down to and lowering themselves to "kid level" and letting them scream and kick and bang cutlery is a sad testament compared to Mexican manners.

Rant over.

The food at City Diner was good. We had a lot of trouble procuring a bottle of wine though. This is obviously not often done(!) The waitress seemed fascinated that we might be going to consume an "entire" bottle between us. My wife had flounder "Nueces Bay" style. A very subtle pecan and white wine sauce. I had a T-Bone which was flavorful but really spoilt by a seasoning rub that overtook the beef flavor.

For "breakfast" on Labor day we had a pound of fresh-boiled shrimp at a roadside "hut" in Aransas Pass. It is the first such place you pass (on the left) when you take a right towards the island ferry from the town's main street. These shrimp were very lovely in a subtle boil. The shopkeeper apologized for the thin shells but I like to eat the shells anyway so they were fine.

Lunch at Landry's which is on the bay on a boat no less. This was the best food and settings. Unfortunately we had a waitress with whom we had "stylistic differences". A good enough waitress but too much wanting to insert a lot of her personality into the proceedings. There was also quite a bit of trying to persuade you to "load up" with additional extras. "Do you like lump crab meat? That would make a good topping for that I think." Yes, and cost a bloody fortune my dear! So there were some words of caution here. Obviously Landry's is also a chain but the food was good. Seafood gumbo more akin to "real" seafood gumbo from around the parishes of LA. A hand dressed salad. My wife had crawfish tails * etoufee: a reliable standby and very good. I had a platter of excellent fried seafood with the oysters particularly tasty. Again, a minor rant but I don't know where it is that waitpersons seem to think that it's "service" to "pester" you with "are you done with this?" "can I get that out of your way" it's simply intrusive when it's taken to extremes, as in this case. Ultimately it's THEIR convenience and turning a table sooner rather than later I think that is behind all this hassle.

Anyway, I liked Corpus Christi. USS Lexington is superb to visit. We also spotted Frank's Spaghetti House. That place MUST be good. It looks like an old garlicky haunted house on the Universal back lot, but was unfortunately closed for LD.

Thanks for reading.

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