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Why Corner Bistro Rocks


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Why Corner Bistro Rocks

toddb | Oct 8, 2004 11:35 AM

Went to Corner Bistro on Saturday, knowing already that the place is amazing. But every trip there is an experience and this was no different.
Showed up 3ish, and the line was huge, so we opted to eat at the bar.
I had a bacon burger, some fries, a 3$ Sierra and a 2$ Dark Beer (McSorleys???). She had a chicken sandwich (which I had no idea they had), and a soda. Total Bill 22$ with generous tip.
Needless to say the burger was incredible, rare, messy, actually could taste the meat. My favorite burger in the city.
Why the place rocks is more complex. This is one of those places that does not care one iota about friendly service, and there is something to be said for that these days.
The look of scorn on the bartenders face when my girlfriend ordered chicken was priceless.
While sitting someone asked "do you have a doctor pepper?" The bartender responded NO and didn't serve the guy for another five minutes. Someone else asked what kind of cheese was available for the grilled cheese. His answer, "american", and she too was put in the penalty box for five minutes.
I find the experience entertaining in a sorry kind of way, but I also have deep respect for how succesful they are, that they don't have to focus on anything but how affordable and delicious their food is. In a city where every place is trying to be sweeter than the next, it's nice to no that I can go for a no-nonsense, no frills, burger.

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