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Corned Beef and Other Missing Lunch Meats

Will Owen | Nov 21, 201310:42 PM

So the other day, for no special reason, I was remembering the sliced corned beef we used to buy - not the fresh kind, but the sort that comes in cans. It came in packages from Oscar Mayer or whomever, and was delivered to meat counters in square-section long loaf cans, to be pushed out and sliced. I really started yearning for a sandwich of that, but all I could find were little cans for five bucks or more, whereas in my day it was poor people's food - it had to be or I'd never have gotten any!

Then I began remembering all the other sandwich meats, the chopped ham and pickle loaf that used to line the racks. Now it's bologna, salami and five different flavors of ham.

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