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Corned beef hash -- what am I doing wrong?


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Corned beef hash -- what am I doing wrong?

hlbones | Oct 27, 2008 01:34 PM

When I make corned beef hash (well, actually, roast beef hash) it never comes out the way I like -- a browned bottom, and crlspy edges. What am I doing wrong? I dice up some potatoes, and parboil them for five minutes or so; I dice up an equal amount (or less) of roast beef....1/4 inch dice. I fry up some diced unions - about a third as much onions as beef. I cook the onions till golden, then mix with the beef and potatoes, a little paprika, salt and pepper, and pack it into a frying pan about an inch thick, and cook it over medium flame, about ten minutes; then I mix it up, pack it down, and fry it another ten minutes. It comes out OK, some crust on the bottom (burned bits, mainly) but it's really just a mass of stuff. Not bad, but not what I want. So, what am I doing wrong? Should I not use a non-stick pan? Add some broth to the mix? Or what? Help, please.

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