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Corn dog analogs - waffles or other methods?


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Corn dog analogs - waffles or other methods?

greygarious | Aug 2, 2011 02:08 PM

I enjoyed the few corn dogs I have eaten in my life, but I don't deep-fry so I would never make the authentic ones. If I had a corn stick pan, I would halve franks vertically and nestle them into the batter. In cooler weather, I will try putting diced frankfurters into corn fritter batter for shallow-frying.

As discussed on other threads, wafflemakers are a good hot-weather alternative to the stove for things like grilled cheese and eggplant parmesan. I haven't tried it yet, but had the idea of cutting frankfurters into brunoise and mixing with cornbread batter, then waffling. Has anyone tried this?

By the way, I made ordinary waffles yesterday, finally remembering the CI trick of adding rice krispies. Along with some added oil, and putting a little yeast into the whole wheat mix I was using, then resting the batter for an hour before stirring in the cereal, I finally got thick, crisp waffles from my bare-bones wafflemaker, which has no settings (not even an on/off switch).

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