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Corked Sensitivity


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Corked Sensitivity

FrankJBN | Aug 9, 2012 12:35 PM

How sensistive are you to "corked" wines?

For me, the answer is not very. I would say I have detected corked wine odors no more than a dozen times in more than 30 years as a wine hobbyist. For me, these odors, the classic musty wet cardboard, have ranged from very strong, to faint enough that I asked vendor to verify.
(on returning bottles, vendors' perceptions have been apparently the same as mine, ranging from, "Whoa yeah" to "You're right, there's something there."
Now, I have had plenty of wine "without fruit", but you know, without the odor of corked, I really never think/thought to blame it on cork, since at the price level of much of the wine I have purchased over the years, I figured they just didn't have any good fruit built into them. Maybe I was wrong.

So that's me, I can smell it faintly or strongly, but other than that...

I posted this after looking at the revived thread about Saran wrap curing or at least dumbing down corked symptoms. The thread brought up figures I have seen before estimating that 5-10% of all bottles are corked. That's a bad bottle every case or every two cases. That seemingly means I've missed hundreds of bottles that were corked.

So how about you? Come across a corked bottle every month? Every couple of weeks? half a dozen times a year? Or what?

Oh, and does the corked aroma present itself or is it a lack of fruit that you attribute to the wine being corked without the "plain" olfactory evidence?

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