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Corkage & Gift Certificate use

Niccole | Jan 27, 2006 03:51 PM

2 questions/comments.

i moved from the SF area back home to the berkshires, MA 3 months ago and have noticed 2 things. first, we have plans to goto a nice restaurant next week and i wanted to bring this nice bottle of wine i got over the holidays as a gift. ( mentioned in weeks ago, the spanish wine post ) anyway- before actually calling the restaurant, a few people told me that people "frown upon" you doing that sort of thing here and dont "try bringing in a wine from the outside, the staff will get testy" i called the restaurant and asked them and they said its fine and the corkage is $18. they didnt seem overly thrilled or ask me about the bottle, but didnt object either. should i bring it?

also- my dad told me he went to dinner at a different nice place last week and he used a GC. he said they automatically added %20 tip ( for 2 people ) and you were NOT allowed to use the remainder of GC for tip.
have you ever heard of THAT??!!

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