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Is corkage the way to go?

thebigblackpudding | Jun 10, 200806:36 AM

How often have you commented on the huge mark-ups restaurants put on wine? I know I have, particularly when you know full well that the price is 3 times the cost. Restaurants do have to make a living though and of course they should mark up their wares appropriately and I fully understand why, for example, a £8 bottle (at retail) should sell for c.£20 in the restaurant but is it acceptable that the mark-up is the same for, say, a £20 bottle where the restaurant price would be close to £60? In the first instance the restaurant would be making a gross profit of £12 and in the second instance they would be making £40 - but it's still just a single bottle.

L'Absinthe in Primrose Hill has a different policy where wines are grouped by price band and a set mark up, or corkage, is applied to each band. You can read more about our experience of L'Absinthe at www.thebigblackpudding.com.

So is this the way we would like to see restaurants go? Would it encourage us to drink better wine or would we still choose the same but pocket the difference?

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