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Corkage-- what gives?


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Corkage-- what gives?

Mr. Taster | Dec 13, 2004 02:05 PM

Hi 'hounds

Here's a question that's perplexed me for years.

On The Issue Of Corkage:

As your standard, run of the mill, non-vinophile wine drinker who knows just enough about wine to feign ample knowledge to the wine-neophyte (for example, I understood all the references in "Sideways", however am content to drink both Merlot and/or Charles Shaw when it is present) the idea of paying $30 for literally nothing, bothers me. The fact that people talk about the $10 corkage "bargains" is truly beyond my comprehension. To my mind, this would be akin to restaurants charging you for tap water when you turn down the Pellegrino.

Now having said this, I would never bring food from another place and consume it elsewhere, simply because I feel this is rude.

So my question for you, venerable hounds, is this-- how many of you also are confused by the leagues of people on chowhound and elsewhere that seem to be happy to turn over $10, $20, $30 and receive virtually nothing in return?

For those of you that happily pay corkage fees, can you please explain your rationale to me, and why you don't feel utterly ripped off by this? I feel the same way about paying for 'non-service', as when you pay a valet $5 to pull your car ahead 10 feet.

Thanks for your insights.

Mr. Taster

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