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cork and cleaver, phoenix

hzp | May 23, 2008 09:12 PM

i've driven past C and C a zillion times, most often on my way to Taylors, and never gone in. Someone mentioned it recently on a thread about salad bars, and I'm a sucker for a good one and the steak houses of my youth (anyone remember "the other place"?). Anyways, we decided to give it a go tonight, and risked no reservation around 7:15.
We were happily wisked right to a table in back, past the long, well stocked salad bar. Upon seating, my other half, who dutifully serves as the non-foodie half of us, picked up the wine menu thinking it was the dinner menu, passed it to me and began looking under and around the table for where our menus might have gone. perhaps it was because he was already starving, but he found it very aggravating to not receive menus right away. to me, small matter, but it did take about 10 minutes before a server passed our way with even a promise of menus. In the meanwhile, i grabbed a glass of wine, and though its small, i will note i found it annoying that the wine by the glass was buried in the book, rather in front, which seems customary.
The menu itself made me laugh. Its a cleaver, which my other half contemplated using to saw off a bit of the lovely greenery behind us to eat while awaiting a server. We were, after all, within spitting distance of a fake bird and a fake fireplace.
Our server, when he did pop about, was quite lovely when present, which was not often. We might bear some responsibility, we were not dressed for a night on the town, although no jeans or flip flops were apparent, either.
I ordered a rack of lamb with a red wine caper reduction and my other half, shocked by the prices of the steak, ordered top sirloin, medium rare, which i suspected might be a mistake.
We took off in a sprint to the salad bar but were thwarted by a group of 10 year olds who were assembling interesting salads of jelly beans and croutons. The bar itself is really pretty great- a nice selection of different greens, a slew of the regular stuff you'd expect, and then a selection of peppers, capers, even some roe, and real bacon bits. Totally worthwhile.
As we were finishing salads our dinners arrived. The lamb itself was marvelous and just the way i prefer it... blood rare in the middle. The sauce was good, but overly salty (yes, i know, capers.. but you know what I mean). The rice mine came with was nothing special.
Grumblestilskin's steak was what would easily pass for rare anywhere else... but he went ahead and ate some anyways. He did note his potato was cooked the right way, so blessed be on that one:) I mean, obviously, everything faults to the rare side here... as long as you know, you can compensate accordingly.
We skipped dessert and the bill arrived, about 65, including two dinners, and a glass of wine. Not BAD... but we both noted we prefered other steakhouses, and although i'd never mind paying 60 for a good meal, no point in paying it for just a decent one.

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