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coq au vin with a real rooster? long.


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coq au vin with a real rooster? long.

Redbone | Oct 14, 2004 09:00 AM

We have 9 laying hens who give us wonderful eggs and are generally appealing and trouble-free. However, 2 months ago two of my neighbor's free-ranging roosters moved in with my hens (think Barry White in the background). One of them got very nasty, lunging at my feet and ankles and delivering a painful peck--and also went after my two-year old.
So yesterday I sent my husband down to feed the chickens on his way to work. As he finished putting the feed in the feeder, that same rooster went for him. Instinctively, he swung his bucket, stunning him, then decided to just go ahead and finish the deed. So he backs up the hill with a dead bird on the trunk of our Civic and says, "I guess you're cleaning the rooster this morning." (He was kind enough to remove the head and hang the thing from the woodshed).
I have to say it was about as nasty as I thought it would be, but I got job done and now I have the makings of a great stock (even feet!) and 2 bottles of Goats Do Roam (one to blot out the memory of eviscerating a chicken in the rain with my toddler hanging on my back going "ewwww...ewwww..."), and am setting out to make an authentic Coq au Vin.
I remember reading an essay about this involving a crockpot and many, many hours. Should I marinate the bird in wine? Start the bird cooking before the mushrooms and onions so they don't disintegrate? He wasn't very old, although was rather muscular and lean (probably all those spinach seedlings he ate before his final indiscretion.) Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks from a rural hound...

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