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No More Copy and Paste?


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No More Copy and Paste?

ElsieDee | Jul 6, 2007 12:19 PM

I just noticed that I can no longer copy and paste text on CH. I am using IE 6.

In the past, I would go to a thread like this one:

Being interested in the suggested places, I would then click and highlight the relevant text (in this case, the address) and then Ctrl + C the highlighted text. I'd then open another browser window, go to a search engine (Google) and then Shift + Insert which would paste the text into the search field, which I could then search on (often looking for either a website or a map to the location).

Now I am unable to click on and highlight the desired text, which means that if I want to map the location of the most recent addition to the thread (Peacock Donuts) I have to go back and forth between two browser windows, as I type the relevant information into a search engine.

Has this option been intentionally removed? Or is this a bug? If the former, please bring back the option. If the latter, please fix.

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