Copperware from France Any Ideas?


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Copperware from France Any Ideas?

merri | Oct 20, 2009 07:00 PM

Hello! I was given a set of copper pans (different size sauce pans) several years ago. I know they were purchased in France. I would love to add to my collection and would like to keep the same type if possible. However, I cannot read the inscription on the side of my pans. They are very heavy and have iron handles. The inscription has a viking ship with the word Gavard under it. Below it has a year in the 1600's listed. It looks like 1656 or 1636. The end of the word in front of the year has what looks like nuis or nuis. I know these details may not help at all. I thought I would try though! I would love to know more about them!! Any ideas?

Thank you to anyone who may be able to help me!

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